Vermont travel writer Jen Rose Smith covers human-powered adventure, exploration, food, and spirits from her home in the Green Mountains. Her writing has appeared in National Geographic Adventure, CNN Travel, AFAR, Rolling Stone,USA Today, and Outside Online.

In addition to her work as a freelancer, Jen is the author of five travel guidebooks to Vermont and New England, including Moon New England Road Trips, which was selected for the 2018 New England Society Book Awards. 

Why Adventure Travelers Are Obsessed With This Tiny Patch of Jungle

There is a dangerous obsession with one Panamanian jungle. Clearcutting had scraped the flanks of the Pan-American Highway, which Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl were following towards Panamá’s southeastern edge. It would have been a four-hour trip from Panama City to their destination, but endless police checkpoints meant slow going for the American journalists, who’d driven a truck to Panamá from beyond the Arctic Circle. Now, they stopped to show their papers, again and again, surprised at how

8 Pieces of Gear That Fold Up Like Origami

Gearing up for a trip into the outdoors? Avoid an overstuffed closet by opting for clever designs that fold and tuck away. From an origami-inspired canoe to a bike helmet you can stash in your purse, this gear is so low profile that even apartment dwellers can stock up for alfresco adventures. Even aerodynamic helmets seem bulky when they're dangling from your backpack all day, but the Transformers-like Plixi Fit helmet from OVERADE packs into a tidy bundle that's a third of its full volume. Yo
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