The countries beyond the reach of US tourists

But red tape still entangles American travelers at a few borders across the world. Your luck can run out at these border checkpoints. Coastal plains crumple into rocky peaks in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the only country on earth the American government forbids US citizens from visiting. That's when the United States government decreed that American tourists were no longer allowed to visit, citing "serious and mounting risk of arrest and long-term detention." What you're miss

CNN Travel: Photos reveal life in travel's golden age

On a September morning in 1830, a throng of people gathered in the English cities of Liverpool and Manchester to see a daring feat of modernity. Nobles, tipsy workers and politicians watched the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first railroad on Earth whose cars would be unaided by teams of horses. Almost 100 years later, a 25-year-old Charles Lindbergh made the first nonstop flight between North America and the European mainland, where he descended from his monoplane into crowds of Parisians chanting "Vive l'Americain!"

Lonely Planet: What to pack for Egypt's Sinai Trail

Founded in 2015 by a collective of three Bedouin tribes, the nearly 250km trail is Egypt’s first long-distance walking path. It might be the country’s most high-profile entry into the world’s trekking scene, but the Sinai Peninsula is no stranger to walkers. Believers have made the overland journey to the storied summit of Mount Sinai for centuries, and the desert’s rocks are scored with drawings left by Crusader-era pilgrims.

CNN Travel: Everglades National Park adapts to changing climate

When Hurricane Irma heaved across the Caribbean in September of 2017, the Everglades swallowed rain and storm surge, sheltering inland communities. Seven months later, Everglades National Park is still in recovery, and far from being the ageless landscape it first appears, the Everglades is in flux. Many scientists say tropical storms are worsening, bringing an uncertain future for Florida's coastal ecosystems and cities as sea levels continue to rise. But with an economy that depends on tourism for survival, locals from park rangers to fishing guides are eager to get out the message that much of this destination is vibrant as ever. How to visit Vermont maple syrup producers

When early spring warmth begins to thaw Vermont’s frozen forests, sugar makers head for the woods. Traveling by snowmobile, snowshoes, or horse-drawn sleigh, they drill a small hole in the trunk of each mature sugar maple, then gather a slow trickle of sap in buckets or plastic tubes. Once the sap has been collected, it’s cooked for hours in a shallow pan called an evaporator, heated from below by a gas jet or wood fire.

CNN Travel: 10 foods you must try in Jordan

In the bustling streets of the earth-toned capital city, conversations might be inflected with Syrian, Egyptian or Iraqi accents, while the country's Bedouin tribes remain fiercely proud of their nomadic traditions and desert heritage. And at tables across the country, Jordanian cuisine is a delicious immersion in the country's diverse heritage, a vibrant mix of Bedouin flavors and local takes on the Levant's most iconic dishes.
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