How to visit Vermont maple syrup producers

When early spring warmth begins to thaw Vermont’s frozen forests, sugar makers head for the woods. Traveling by snowmobile, snowshoes, or horse-drawn sleigh, they drill a small hole in the trunk of each mature sugar maple, then gather a slow trickle of sap in buckets or plastic tubes. Once the sap has been collected, it’s cooked for hours in a shallow pan called an evaporator, heated from below by a gas jet or wood fire.

CNN Travel: 10 foods you must try in Jordan

In the bustling streets of the earth-toned capital city, conversations might be inflected with Syrian, Egyptian or Iraqi accents, while the country's Bedouin tribes remain fiercely proud of their nomadic traditions and desert heritage. And at tables across the country, Jordanian cuisine is a delicious immersion in the country's diverse heritage, a vibrant mix of Bedouin flavors and local takes on the Levant's most iconic dishes.

Book Review: Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America’s Whiskey

Americans have long seen spirits—especially bourbon—as distillations of values as much as of corn and wheat. Colonial-era drinkers hailed corn whiskey as a symbol of self-reliance, a homegrown alternative to rum made with imported ingredients. Modern-day craft distillers use imagery from early American history and the Prohibition years to market bourbon as a rebellious, individualistic frontier drink.

Finding Hope in an Old Fashioned Cocktail

Wisconsin’s supper clubs are pure nostalgia, at least for some. From the piles of butter mints by the door to the vinyl seats, soft rock, and menus of meat and sides, the sweetest parts of supper clubs are a time warp to the 1970s. But since American nostalgia for a whiter, straighter time swept a hateful and chaotic demagogue into the presidency, I can’t get much pleasure from my country’s heritage, even the bits that come spiked with whiskey.

Pan-Fried Pears Wrapped in Cured Pork with Honey and Pink Peppercorns

To stay cozy through Norway’s cold, dark winters, writer Nevada Berg warms her kitchen with nourishing meals and coffee brewed over the fire. “Winter is a great season to cook,” she says, “dishes can be heartier, many kinds of seafood and fish are at their best this time of year, and I find myself using a lot of preserved foods that are traditional to the cuisine.” Cured pork provides a rich counterpoint to pan-fried pears in this recipe from North Wild Kitchen, Berg’s recent book chronicling t
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